12 Best HVAC Websites For Inspiration [2024]

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A well-designed HVAC website not only provides visitors with an introduction to your services, it also provides a seamless user experience.

When creating a marketing strategy for your HVAC business, your website should take a good amount of attention as it propels your branding and helps you achieve good ROI with your HVAC SEO strategies or local SEO efforts to dominate a specific area.

A well-designed website will help you attract more leads to your business, and improve the success you can achieve from running Google Ads or other paid ads.

As a company offering both HVAC web design services and small business SEO services, we always recommend that any website must be built with marketing in mind. 

We have seen business owners reaching out to us after spending thousands of dollars launching a new website as they look for ways to get decent ROI from improving their digital presence.

1. A/C Authority

The design of this HVAC website comes with a simple layout, making it easy for visitors to instantly visualize important words, with little or no distractions.. It has very great visuals that clearly show the services they offer.

A/C Authority has a column for testimonials which tells website visitors of the excellence of their services. To generate leads they have an eye-catching orange button at the topside of their homepage.  This makes it easy to book a service online.

The fonts are easy to read and the site has good navigation which allows visitors to find the information they need quickly and effortlessly.

2. Metro Express Service

This heating and cooling company has three other locations that are strategically located and they talk a lot about their locations on their homepage and how it helps them provide quick service.

For anyone who knows the brand and lands on the homepage, they can quickly navigate to the most relevant location page close to them.

They have their phone number boldly displayed on the header of their homepage and feauture an article section which provides answers to queries that a lot of site visitors search for.

Metro Express Service has a traffic value of $2400 monthly and they obtained this partly because of the way they talk about their locations. This helps them rank high on Google.

3. Evergreen Home Heating

This HVAC website is a unique one. It uses a one-minute introductory video to explain what their services entail. This is great for user engagement building trust with prospects and also boosting their overall conversion rate.

Whenever a visitor clicks on their site, they get to see the video on the homepage and they are enlightened on why they should book their service. This makes them look professional and attractive.

Evergreen Home Heating has a 5-star rating on Google Reviews, and an average of 4 stars on Yelp and this portrays them as a credible and reliable site.

4. Lozier Heating and Cooling

Lozier Heating and Cooling is a well-designed HVAC website with many user-friendly features. 

Its homepage has a distinct feature that enables visitors to easily select the right service for them, whether residential or commercial. 

The website also has a section for news and blog posts, which is great for educating visitors and boosting the overall local SEO performance of the company.

5. Airmatics

Looking for another HVAC website you can analyze to start building yours? Airmatics is another example.

Their site has a lot of visuals that show the level of expertise their technicians bring to the job and how committed they are to using high-quality materials.

The site also has a quoting tool that provides each interested visitor with an idea of how much they will need to spend on their project.

6. Carini Home Services

When it comes to making a website as visually appealing as possible, Carini Home Services is at its best.  Great use of colors and simple layout with little distractions.

The site has an appealing color feel with neon green, teal blue, beige and spring green colors. It has appropriate fonts and a very good navigation system that offers each site visitor a good user experience.

It also has a section that features the latest news and tips which keeps visitors informed always.

7. Air Supply

Air Supply gives their website visitors a direct and easy way to get a quote and book an appointment with them.

Customers need to know that an HVAC company provides the quality of service that they require and the easiest way for them to know for sure is by reading the reviews and testimonials of previous customers. This particular site supplies a section for reviews and testimonials on its homepage.

The site also has a display section that shows the company’s certifications and qualifications.

8. Command Comfort

Command Comfort HVAC website stands out because of its effective FAQ page and section.

FAQ pages allow you to answer common sales questions and objections in the minds of customers and prospects and this helps build trust and improve conversion rates.

Their phone number appears at the top banner of the site for visitors who want to book a service immediately. It has a soothing blue and orange color scheme that draws the attention of viewers to essential information on the page.

9. Atlantic Heating and Air Conditioning

Atlantic Heating and Air Conditioning website is designed with the underserved population in mind.

They provide contrast, font, dyslexia settings and many other easy accessibility choices.The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) has revealed that 26% of the US population has disabilities, so such people will find it easy to navigate this site.

They also have a section that shows their service areas. This is helpful for visitors who would rather find out if there are area-specific services, packages or pricing. Additionally, having location-specific pages will further boost their search traffic and if implemented with the right Google Maps SEO services, they can claim map rankings for the locations.

10. Aermec

On Aermec’s website, visitors can easily select the HVAC service they desire right away without having to navigate down. It uses clickable icons and this enables users to quickly find the information they need without wandering about and getting lost.

The site has a clear and concise description of their specific products and services which is an element that every good HVAC site must have.

Quality content is important for any HVAC website that wants to turn visitors into customers, Aermec site has a section for informative and engaging content.


Cosaf highlights its great online reputation in the middle of their homepage with a scrolling banner of review websites.

The banner features icons from consumer rated social networking sites, business award organizations and lead generation websites like Coca-cola.

The site has a case study section, which talks about the work they have done and HVAC issues they have resolved with high quality photos as proof.

12. Quigley AC

Quigley AC offers deals on coupon designs that display reduced prices and free services. This is successful because it connects with the local shopping culture.

They give their website visitors an easy way to schedule a service or get a quote.

They also provide two phone numbers at the top banner for visitors who are ready to book a service right away.

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3 Best HVAC Websites (Rated on Conversion)

Based on conversion rates, these three websites excel in converting visitors into loyal clients.

1. Lozier Heating and Cooling

Lozier Heating and Cooling website stands out not only because of its eye-catching design or its choice of colors, but because of its excellent user interface that leads the visitors from engagement interest. Its visitors cannot be lost in a sea of information due to the CTA’s that are carefully positioned and have easy navigation.

2. A/C Authority

A/C Authority sets itself apart with its creative approach to website functionality and design. It captivates visitors and promotes extended engagement. It establishes a standard for customer involvement.

3. Air supply

One of the best features of Air Supply’s site is its easy-to-use booking process. It takes user convenience and easy accessibility as a priority. It creates social proof that gives visitors who are hesitant confidence through its testimonials.

3 Best HVAC Websites Rated in Terms of Google Page Speed

Google Page speed uses a score between 0 and 100 to show the site’s overall performance based on different metrics. 

1. Quigley

Google page speed insight of Quigley AC site. Most local websites and small business websites could improve when it comes to page speed. 

2. Atlantic Heating and Air Conditioning

Google page speed insight of Atlantic HVAC website. Unlike most small business websites, the mobile speed is great and highly impressive.

3. Command Comfort

Google page speed insight for Command Comfort HVAC site. A mobile speed of 78 is impressive, and other key page speed metrics were above 90 beating most local business websites within the company area.

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