12 Best Estate Planning Websites You Can Analyze to Get Inspired Building Yours

A well-designed estate planning website not only provides visitors with an introduction to your services but also offers a seamless user experience.

When creating a marketing strategy for your estate planning practice, your website should take a good amount of attention as it enhances your branding and helps you achieve good ROI with your estate planning SEO strategies or local SEO efforts to dominate a specific area.

A well-designed website will help you attract more leads to your practice and improve the success you can achieve from running Google Ads or other paid ads.

As a company offering both estate planning web design services and small business SEO services, we always recommend that any website must be built with marketing in mind.

We have seen practitioners reaching out to us after spending thousands of dollars launching a new website as they look for ways to get decent ROI from improving their digital presence.

  1. Cary Estate Planning

The homepage boasts an outstanding “Our Process” section, offering clients immediate clarity on the steps ahead. The “Serving Locations” section, featuring a map and addresses, significantly enhances user convenience.

 Additionally, the “Why We Do It” section sets the firm apart, providing prospective clients with compelling reasons to choose its services. 

Cary Estate Planning website also effectively showcases social proof—the “As Seen In” section prominently displays logos of well-known media outlets and publications, while the testimonials feature client photos. These elements boost the firm’s credibility with its audience.

  1. Jeffrey Burr Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys

Jeffrey Burr Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys is a full-service law firm website specializing in estate planning and probate law. Their use of bright colors, detailed descriptions, and helpful pictures creates a comprehensive digital experience for visitors. 

The website’s simple and intuitive design makes it easy for users to navigate to the specific areas they need. 

Additionally, the informational resources available provide comfort and guidance for those navigating the complexities of estate planning and probate law. Visually appealing graphics and illustrations further simplify complex processes, making the site both informative and user-friendly.

  1. Hays Firm LLC

Throughout the site, the strategic use of icons enhances the firm’s message, adding value and clarity. These design elements collectively create an engaging and user-friendly digital environment, encouraging users to delve deeper into the content and understand the firm’s offerings more effectively.

The beautiful layout that includes a descriptive video makes the text less overwhelming, improving the ease of information processing for visitors. 

Hays Firm LLC website exudes a bright and welcoming atmosphere, promoting a visually pleasing experience that entices users to explore its content effortlessly.

  1. NJ Estate Planning Attorneys- BMC estate planning

BMC Estate Planning attorneys website with over 20 years of experience offers a wealth of informative content on estate planning, elder law, and probate. 

The website features a user-friendly navigation menu, making it easy for visitors to find the information they need. 

Additionally, the personalized approach is evident through the inclusion of testimonials and detailed attorney profiles, which help build trust and rapport with potential clients.

  1. NM Law APC

This law firm builds trust with potential clients by showcasing Google reviews, including testimonials, ratings, and reviewer images in a slider format. 

Additionally, highlighting the different charities the firm collaborates with humanizes its brand and makes it more relatable.

NM Law APC website demonstrates impressive structural integrity and clear navigation, ensuring visitors can easily find what they need. Strategically placed icons effectively engage visitors, particularly in highlighting practice areas.

  1. The Karp Law Firm

The Karp Law Firm website has great visual appeal with high-quality images, videos, and graphics that captivate visitors. 

Interactive elements like contact forms and live chat enhance user engagement, making it easy for potential clients to reach out for more information. 

Additionally, the site is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience on smartphones and tablets. These features collectively create an engaging and accessible digital presence for the firm.

  1. John Burns Estate & Elder Law Care, PLLC

John Burns Estate & Elder Law Care website’s smart color scheme is gentle on the eyes and strategically highlights important elements, such as the prominent “Schedule Appointment” widget in orange CTAs. 

The site’s attractive design offers a unique feature that allows users to schedule appointments online or in-office, enhancing convenience. 

Its large font size significantly improves text readability, ensuring information is accessible and clear. 

  1. Collins Law Group

The Collins Law Group website presents a professional and credible appearance, instilling trust in visitors. It enhances accessibility to information and services, ensuring that users can easily find what they need. 

Moreover, the website facilitates greater reach beyond its geographical location, allowing the firm to connect with a broader audience seeking expertise in estate planning and related legal services.

  1. Cochran Gersh Law Office

Cochran Gersh Law Office‘s strong accessibility features ensure that information is readily available to all users, thereby expanding the firm’s reach beyond its immediate audience. This comprehensive approach not only attracts but also retains potential clients interested in estate planning solutions.

The unique and visually appealing estate planning website design enhances visitor engagement effectively. 

Its personalization elements establish a personal connection with visitors, fostering trust in the firm’s expertise and services. 

  1. Wilson & Wilson Estate Planning & Elder Law LLC

Wilson & Wilson Estate Planning & Elder Law LLC‘s inclusion of strong accessibility features ensures that the website is accessible to individuals with disabilities or impairments, promoting inclusivity. 

Its interactive elements further encourage engagement and simplify the process for potential clients to connect with the firm, facilitating a seamless user experience and strengthening client relationships.

The professional and modern design of this estate planning website enhances credibility and adds visual interest, making a strong impression on visitors.

  1. Hagestad Law Group

Hagestad Law Group has a clean and sophisticated homepage layout, which exudes professionalism, immediately instilling trust in the firm’s expertise. 

The inclusion of informative resources like articles and guides underscores the firm’s commitment to educating its clients, while high-quality imagery featuring families and estate-related elements adds a personal touch to the legal services.

The site has an intuitive navigation, facilitated by a well-organized menu that provides easy access to key sections.

  1. YLaw

YLaw specializes in family, estates, and immigration law, boasting a distinctive website that sets them apart with a memorable design that exudes personality.

They offer a convenient online payment portal, underscoring their commitment to client convenience.

The regularly updated blog provides practical information, ensuring clients stay informed, while the website’s user-friendly navigation enhances accessibility. 

3 Best Personal Injury Lawyers Websites (Rated on Conversion)

Based on conversion rates, these three websites excel in converting visitors into loyal clients.

  1. NJ Estate Planning Attorneys- BMC estate planning

BMC Estate Planning website stands out not only because of its eye-catching design or its choice of colors, but because of its excellent user interface that leads the visitors from engagement interest. Its visitors cannot be lost in a sea of information due to the CTA’s that are carefully positioned and have easy navigation.

  1. Wilson & Wilson Estate Planning & Elder Law LLC

Wilson & Wilson Estate Planning website sets itself apart with its creative approach to website functionality and design. It captivates visitors and promotes extended engagement. It establishes a standard for customer involvement.

  1. Hagestad Law Group

One of the best features of Hagestad’s Law group site is its easy-to-use booking process. It takes user convenience and easy accessibility as a priority. It creates social proof that gives visitors who are hesitant confidence through its testimonials.

3 Best Estate Planning Websites Rated in Terms of Google Page Speed

Google Page speed uses a score between 0 and 100 to show the site’s overall performance based on different metrics. 

  1. The Karp Law Firm

Google page speed insight of The Karp Law Firm site. Most local websites and small business websites could improve when it comes to page speed. 

  1. Cochran Gersh Law Office

Google page speed insight of Cochran Gersh Law Office website. Unlike most small business websites, the mobile speed is great and highly impressive.

  1. Collins Law Group

Google page speed insight for Collins Law Group site. A mobile speed at 95 is impressive, and other key page speed metrics were above 90 beating most local business websites within the company area.

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