12 Best Legal Websites You Can Analyze to Get Inspired Building Yours

A well-designed legal website not only provides visitors with an introduction to your services, it also provides a seamless user experience.

When creating a marketing strategy for your law firm, your website should take a good amount of attention as it propels your branding and helps you achieve good ROI with your legal SEO strategies or local SEO efforts to dominate a specific area.

A well-designed website will help you attract more leads to your firm and improve the success you can achieve from running Google Ads or other paid ads.

As a company offering both legal web design services and small business SEO services, we always recommend that any website must be built with marketing in mind.

We have seen law firms reaching out to us after spending thousands of dollars launching a new website as they look for ways to get decent ROI from improving their digital presence.

  1. Idea Legal

By being approachable and speaking in a language that resonates with potential clients, lawyers can build trust and rapport. Idea Legal excels at this by immediately acknowledging and addressing clients’ feelings of intimidation and misunderstanding on their homepage. 

The reassuring phrase “We get it” is consistently used, while the gentle color palette, typography, and layout all contribute to a soothing and supportive atmosphere. 

This is a prime example of how a cohesive message and design can work together to create a powerful and effective brand identity.

  1. Kasowitz Benson Torres

Kasowitz Benson Torres’s use of a strict color scheme is noteworthy, as it effectively mirrors the company’s philosophy and culture, emphasizing their dedication to achieving the best results for their clients. This design choice not only creates a cohesive and professional appearance but also reinforces the firm’s commitment to excellence. 

Another commendable aspect of their beautiful website is the presence of videos on the homepage. These videos significantly enhance the user experience by providing engaging and informative content. They are especially useful for addressing complex questions from prospects and presenting services in a straightforward, easily understandable manner. 

This approach helps potential clients quickly grasp the firm’s offerings and expertise, making the website both visually appealing and highly functional.

  1. McLEOD Law LLP

They masterfully use headings paired with clever, memorable images, such as a Swiss knife, symbolizing versatile problem-solving, and compass and heart icons, representing their guidance and commitment. 

McLEOD Law LLP site goes beyond simply listing achievements and services; it highlights them with style and a touch of humor, inviting visitors to explore further and easily connect through strategically placed calls-to-action.

Content is fundamental to creating a top-tier law firm website, and this one excels by being driven by both compelling content and striking photos. 

  1. Jlongting Law

Jlongting Law endeavors to make visitors feel secure and at ease. Creating an emotional connection with clients can often be more powerful than a multitude of words. When clients resonate with you on an emotional level, they are more inclined to place their trust in you. 

The central theme that this law firm’s website design seeks to convey is Compassion. Every aspect, from the color palette and typography to the illustrations, is carefully chosen to achieve this aim. 

By focusing on these emotional cues, the website effectively builds a sense of reliability and warmth, encouraging potential clients to feel confident and supported in their choice of legal representation.

  1. Quinn Emanuel

Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers is another firm that excels in utilizing beautiful photography for their header. The colors are thoughtfully coordinated to highlight the white text, creating a visually appealing contrast. 

Additionally, their use of gradients adds depth and sophistication to the design. The homepage stands out not only for its aesthetics but also for its functionality, providing easy navigation. 

Users can effortlessly find a lawyer from their firm in their area, making the site both attractive and practical. This combination of stunning visuals and user-friendly features ensures an engaging experience for visitors.

  1. Highbridge

When you first visit this lawyer’s website, it leaves an unforgettable impression. Visual creativity may not always be the most critical factor, but it certainly leaves a lasting mark. This website exemplifies that idea perfectly. 

Highbridge stands out as one of the best among many law firm websites and designs.As you scroll, the animation organizes itself in a unique way, demonstrating originality that will surely stick in users’ minds.

 While other top lawyer websites may follow similar patterns, this one truly sets itself apart. It’s not just good, it is exceptional.

  1. Bick Law LLP

The website of Bick Law LLP sets a high standard for the top law firm website, featuring vivid wildlife imagery prominently in its headers. 

This innovative design choice not only enhances the site’s memorability but also reaffirms the firm’s dedication to environmental conservation, highlighting their unique niche in a visually impactful manner.

These captivating visuals not only attract attention but also underscore the firm’s commitment to environmental law, effectively merging visual appeal with their mission. 

  1. Hodgson Russ Attorneys

Here’s another example of a timeless law firm website design that stands out for its simplicity and user-friendliness. 

Every piece of information is presented in a clear, methodical manner, making it effortless to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Hodgson Russ’s website is designed to ensure that users feel comfortable and informed without being overwhelmed.

  1. Stracci Law Group

Stracci Law Group’s website is recognized among the finest law firm websites for its elegant, minimalist design and exceptionally intuitive navigation. It ensures a seamless and engaging experience across all devices, whether you’re using a desktop or a mobile phone.

The inclusion of client reviews directly on the homepage not only enhances authenticity and trust but also underscores the firm’s dedication to client satisfaction. 

The contemporary look, paired with strategic use of technology to showcase their legal prowess, exemplifies why Stracci Law Group excels in its online presence.

  1. Lehmbecker Law

Lehmbecker Law’s website stands out for its client-focused design, emphasizing accessibility and ease of use. 

Rather than overwhelming users with unnecessary graphics or text, the website offers a streamlined, professional digital experience. Its intuitive structure allows visitors to easily find information on their expertise in areas such as personal injury, wrongful death, and workers’ compensation.

This approach reflects the firm’s commitment to delivering precise and straightforward legal advice, consistent with their approach to case management characterized by focus, efficiency, and unwavering client dedication

  1. Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance has embraced a minimalist approach in their website design, placing a clear focus on imagery. 

Below the homepage banner, robust navigation tools further guide visitors to explore information on lawyers, sectors, practice areas, and locations. The scrolling banner image not only directs users to key areas of the site but also highlights current trends and the firm’s services. 

This thoughtful layout ensures an intuitive and comprehensive user experience.

  1. Clyde & Co

Clyde & Co employs high-quality, vibrant imagery on their homepage, each scrolling banner offering new pathways to information. 

The top-level navigation panel features three distinct options: Lawyers, Expertise, and Locations. A prominent scrolling banner area highlights positive messages about awards and key business areas, enhancing user confidence.

Three smaller panels across the page spotlight news updates, while the rest of the layout includes links to various sections of the website, such as career opportunities, a comprehensive list of recent news articles, and nearest office locations. The minimalist design ensures ease of navigation while providing access to all essential information links.

3 Best Legal Websites (Rated on Conversion)

Based on conversion rates, these three websites excel in converting visitors into loyal clients.

  1. Idea Legal

It distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to website functionality and design, captivating visitors and encouraging prolonged engagement. It sets a benchmark for customer interaction and involvement.

  1. McLEOD Law LLP

McLEOD Law LLP website shines with its user-friendly booking process, prioritizing convenience and accessibility. 

  1. Hodgson Russ Attorneys

Hodgson Russ Attorneys website distinguishes itself not just through its visually appealing design and color scheme, but also through its outstanding user interface that effectively guides visitors from initial engagement to interest. Strategic calls-to-action and intuitive navigation ensure that visitors do not get lost in a sea of information.

3 Best Legal Websites Rated in Terms of Google Page Speed

Google Page speed uses a score between 0 and 100 to show the site’s overall performance based on different metrics. 

  1. Jlongting Law

Google page speed insight of Jlongting Law site. Most local websites and small business websites could improve when it comes to page speed.

  1. Hodgson Russ Attorneys

Google page speed insight for Hodgson Russ Attorney’s site. A mobile speed at 70 is impressive.

  1. Lehmbecker Law

Google page speed insight of Lehmbecker website. Unlike most small business websites, the mobile speed is great and highly impressive.

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