Google My Business Management Services

Run your business without having to worry about managing your Google My Business profile…

Having complete peace of mind that your Google My Business profile is active and up-to-date without spam suggestions from online trolls (or competitors) trying to hurt your Google local rankings and get your business listing removed from Google Maps.

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Our Google My Business management services are specially designed to simultaneously…

Improve your SEO and Google Business Page for Overall Improved Search Results

When your Google listing is optimized, you not only target top ranking factors for your online presence, but also gain a heavy advantage in today’s SEO playing field.

Our GMB Management Services will help you:

Work directly with a dedicated profile manager who does everything from optimizing your GBP for the right keywords to publishing weekly posts – and everything in between.

“With instant access to our knowledge base, we no longer waste time searching for information. Instead of answering repetitive questions in Slack, our team goes straight to the source with Slite's Ask.”

Laura Dutilh

Chief of Staff at Tymeshift

Google My Business Management Service Overview

The Google My Business Management Service allows you to work with a Google Business Profile professional that can handle all the little details (and sometimes big loopholes) that are needed to maximize results.

From business listing management, Google posts, and replying to your reviews to posting photos and tracking phone calls — our GMB Experts do it all!

Here’s all you get:

Set-up & Verification:
We can help you create a Google Business Profile and verify it. If your listing already exists and you cannot edit or access the account, we can help you claim it.
Implement Information Updates:
If something changes in your business such as your opening hours or phone number, it’s important to request edits so that these changes can be quickly updated on your GMB profile and listing.
Strategic Posts Across All Locations:
Strategic posting can give your Google My Business page greater exposure. These can be news updates or information on events you may be running or answers to frequently asked questions.
Adding Products & Services:
When it comes to adding products and services to your GMB listing, it’s essential that the information and linking are correct. There are also other strategies you can employ here to increase your visibility for local searches and make your business stand out to improve your search rankings.
Checking For Updates & Changes to the Platform:
As part of our Google My Business Management service, we can monitor your profile. Sometimes Google will add or remove features from Google My Business, so our Google My Business expert team will keep an eye on these changes and let you know how they affect you and your business/businesses.
Google Review Management:
Managing your reviews is crucial to both your online reputation and how well you perform in Google Search Results & Maps. We are experts at online review management and can reply to both the good and bad on your behalf, as well as provide a custom review strategy to help you earn reviews after making sales or providing a service.
Using our exclusive Google map SEO methods, and monthly reporting, your dedicated profile manager will do the work to ensure higher rankings and more customers. The GBP Management Service starts with a performance benchmark report, followed by a 100 point audit, and a complete optimization of your business GMB profile.

Flexible Billing Plans so You Can Pay Easily

Monthly Plan No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Monthly Plan

No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

$400 /Month

Quarterly Plan

Save $300 Annually

$1,125 /3 Months

Annual Plan

Get 2 Months Free!

$4,000 /Year

Does Your Business Have Multiple Locations?

Do you need more than one Google Business Profile created? Let us help. We know how hard it can be to set up multiple accounts while avoiding incessant bans.

We’ve set up thousands of profiles, including those for multi-location businesses in banking, education, finance, healthcare, legal, retail, travel (and beyond). We know first-hand the pain and time wasted you’ve probably experienced trying to get the most out of your dashboard full of profiles.

Even if you have 5 profiles or 500, are a franchise or Fortune 500, our professionals can provide you with a guaranteed way to offload the tiresome (and often time consuming) tasks required to properly set up multiple Google Business Profiles.

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How Our Google My Business Management Service Works

Managing up your Google Business profile has never been this easy when our experts do it for you. Here’s our step by step process:

1. You Tell Us About Your Location

With our Google My Business Management Service form, we’ll capture all the details about your business location needed to create a great GMB listing. This should take you about 10 minutes to complete.

2. We Audit Your Profile(or Get Started With Verification)

The next step in our Google Business Management Service is to benchmark your current performance. Your profile manager will capture your current performance and keyword rankings. They will then conduct a 100-step audit of your GMB listing based on our expert Scorecard, which measures your profile’s health and performance based on industry standards. You will receive a detailed checklist that shows exactly how your listing scores.

3. We Create an Optimization Guide for Your Profile

With your GBP audit completed, your profile manager will create a custom optimization guide to improve your GMB listing. This will guide the implementation of enhancements to your Google Business Profile in order to unlock higher rankings, more calls, and clicks to your website.

4. We Enhance and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

From this point on, your profile manager and their team will take over to ensure all the necessary updates are made to optimize your listing. Throughout this process, your profile manager will be in close contact to keep you updated every step along the way. Once completed you will be notified in order so you can take a look at your newly optimized profile!

5. We Manage and Promote Your Profile Every Month

Now that your Google My Business Profile is optimized, it’s time to kick off promotion! Each month, your account manager will take care of publishing weekly posts, Q&A, reviews, spam reports, profile monitoring, and reporting. This ensures your profile continues to get more visibility, traffic, calls, and new customers in the door!

6. You See Higher Rankings, More Traffic, Calls, and Revenue!

Since your Google My Business Profile is being properly managed, you should start to see more results within 30 to 90 days of work completion. While your profile manager works on your GMB profile, it frees you up to prepare for the new opportunities and customers coming your way.

What Customers Are Saying About Us

Businesses across the world trust us for speed, efficiency, and predictable results

Google My Business Management Service FAQs

Is there a contract?
No! We work month-to-month, so there are no contracts or long-term commitments. However, we’ve had recurring customers and businesses renewing their commitment to us!
How much does it cost if I have more than one listing?
We offer a sliding scale discount for more than one location, up to 50% off. We also offer special discounts for those with listings that may not need unique posts each week. Please contact us for more information.
Do I get to approve or request edits on posts??
Yes, of course you do. After your first month, you will get Posts sent to you for approval before the upcoming month or billing period. We will then make any requested edits from your feedback. Once approved, we will schedule all of your Posts to roll out throughout the month.
Who creates the content and images for posts?
We do! We have a team of designers and writers who collaborate to create each Post. Of course, we appreciate any insights, images, videos, or promotions you might have, but our expert team of account managers, designers, and writers can happily deliver without any resources.
How much does this service cost every month?
We charge $400 per month, per profile. We do offer special pricing for those who have more than one location under management. Please contact us for more information.
How do you help me get more Google reviews?
We provide you with a Google Review kit that makes it easy for you to ask for Google reviews and make it known to customers you want them. We also have our own software tool that can be used for an additional charge. Many customers have found SMS and email the most effective way to get customers to leave five-star reviews on Google. Plus, you don’t have to awkwardly ask in person.

Other Google Business Profile Services

Google Profile Optimization



Our Google My Business Optimization Service is ideal if you already have a GMB listing, but you aren’t 100% sure if you’re doing everything you can to maximize your results.  

Instead of spending months researching best practices, and weeks trying to implement those ideas, our Google My Business Optimization Service can get you expert-level results without all the effort.

With this service you will work directly with one of our Gorilla-Certified™ GMB experts who will audit your existing listing.

Google Business Profile Setup



Our Google My Business Setup Service is the best way to get started if you don’t already have a GMB listing and don’t want to go through the pain of setting it up yourself.   

We have set up over 1,000 listings over the past five years, and our streamlined process gives you a listing that’s distinguished from all the other competition in this digital jungle.

Let the Gorilla use his brain and braun to make setting up your GMB profile easy!

Google Business Profile Support



Have a pressing issue or problem with your GMB listing and need help getting it resolved?   

Our Google My Business Support Service is designed to help you when you have a problem that you can’t figure out or get an answer from Google.

Our Certified™ GMB expert work with Google My Business representatives every day and can help you successfully navigate the system to get the resolution you need.